elespee eloheem is a multi-disciplinary audio/visual artist born in Newark, New Jersey on the first day of summer in 1981. He left the east coast in 1988, and after a few years in rural southwest Louisiana, found himself in Port Arthur, TX. There he graduated with honors among the top of his class, and then headed to New Orleans in 1999 to attend Xavier University on an academic scholarship. He would go on to earn a bachelors degree in Mass Communications, with a minor in creative writing, and eventually regret taking out that extra student loan.

He can still be found in New Orleans, servicing its multitude of independent musicians and small businesses for over a decade with a wide array of skills, including multi-media design for print & web, photography/videography, copy writing, projection mapping, and scoring. He is a master of the Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro, Resolume, Mac based work environments, DSLR's, DAW's, LBRP's and several of the lesser known esoteric arts.

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